Admission Requirements

Foundation Program

Credits: In total 12 subjects. Each subject receives 4 credits. Total credits for the
diploma programs: 48 credits. Special educational event per semester: 2 credits (total: 6
Additional credits for the final project: 6 credits. Total: 60 credits.

Admission requirements: Minimum age 17, no high school or equivalent necessary.
Completion: High School grade equivalent private Diploma of useful and practical
knowledge and skills.



Degree and diploma
programs offered


Of undergraduate
students receive
financial aid


of graduates had two or
more internships as


 Credits: CH-Credit Hours. The duration of every module is 13 weeks and receives a credit per hour met each week. As such a module with 2-credit hours meets 2 hours per week. Additionally students engage in private study and preparation of between 1-2 hours per credit hour. ECTS (European Credit Transfer System): The student’s
academic status can also be expressed by the use of the ECTS. One standard academic year corresponds to 60 ECTS credits that are equivalent to 1500–1800 hours of study. ECTS has been developed in order to provide a common measurement and facilitate the transfer of students and their grades between European higher education institutions.

Admission requirements: Minimum 18 years old; IB, A-level, High School or equivalent diploma.
Completion: Non-governmental-regulated equivalent private Bachelor: Science-based knowledge and skills.


Credits: Total 15 modules. Credits: 60 credits.

Admission requirements: Minimum undergraduate studies or similar academic diploma. At the discretion of the Admissions Department, students with professional experience may also be admitted.

Completion: Non-governmental-regulated equivalent private Master: Science-based
advanced knowledge and skills.


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