Bachelor Of Arts In Humanities

 The human condition is to seek answers to many human related and created problems, by trying to make moral, ethical, spiritual and intellectual sense of the world.

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities at MSB is a unique program that focuses exclusively on the study of individual and collective human achievements and failures whilst exploring alternative solutions.


The multidisciplinary syllabus that includes Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology,
Economics, Politics, Language, Sociology, Law, Ethics and Business gives students a
broad educational perspective with the opportunity to pursue future careers in
Education, Media, Politics or indeed Business where skills honed on this program such
as critical, analytical and creative thinking, intellectual agility and innovation are highly
In line with all other post and undergraduate programs at Schellhammer Business
School, the manifold issues facing humanity – overpopulation, climate change,
contamination, pollution, depleting resources, gross inequality, failed economic
systems, and political dogmatism will be explored whilst advocating and supporting a
new system of beliefs.

Course Information

Course Information
Course Code: BAH-100
Course Duration: 3 academic years
Semester 1: October / Semester 2: February
ECTS (European Credit Transfer System): 180 Points
Minimum age: 18 years old


Year 1CreditsNumber
Human Behavior4BAH 365
Principles of Marketing 2BAH 366
 Economic Systems & Structures 4BAH 329
 Psychology in Society 4BAH 373
 Sustainability & CSR 2BAH 340
 History of Psychology 4BAH 657
 Principles of Sociology 4BAH 393
 Psychology of Emotions 2BAH 380
Year 2CreditsNumber
 Understanding Global Markets4BAH 403
 Entrepreneurship 21 2BAH 440
Theories of Learning 4BAH 657
 Microeconomics 4BAH 209
 Health Psychology 2BAH 210
 Research in Social Sciences 4BAH 217
 The Science of Happiness 4BAH 291
 Negotiation & Conflict Resolution 2BAH 282
Macroeconomics 4BAH 257
Year 3CreditsNumber
 Social Theories4BAH 768
 Consumer Behavior4BAH 432
 Cross Cultural Management2BAH 473
 Critical Sociology & Psychology 4BAH 568
 Rationality & Emotions 4BAH 632
 Understanding Social Actions 2BAH 673
 Exponential Organization & Disruptive Tech 4BAH 868
 Psychology of Media 4BAH 932
 Thesis Elaboration & Tutorial 2BAH 973

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