Milano School of Business appoints International Director for Asia

In line with the mission to build a bridge between the continents and foster the promotion of international relations for development, Milano School of Business has confirmed the appointment of Dr. Mohammed Abdul Najeeb as the International Director for Asia.  In this capacity, Dr. Najeeb is empowered to represent the organization in the promotion, marketing and registration of students and delegates from Asia.

Currently based in Dubai, UAE, he is the Executive Director of Sports Next, an agency utilizing sports as a tool for education and world peace.  Dr. Najeeb is an International Peace Ambassador and serves as Strategic Advisor – Asia Pacific Region for the World Humanity Commission Headquarters in New York, USA.  He previously served as Director General for West Africa, International Human Rights Organization

Having successfully worked with Dr. Najeeb on various events at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA, as well as in Johannesburg, South Africa, he is well positioned to act as an international liaison for Milano School of Business in South Asia and the Middle East. 

In the words of Dr. Najeeb, “I am honoured and glad to receive this appointment.  This is in line with the interests of my organization.  I will do my best to fulfil the oath and reward the trust invested in me to take this vision to the countries of Asia.”

A representative office will be set up in Dubai to market the programs of the school in the region, particularly in India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Kazakhstan.

Dr. Najeeb is authorized to facilitate the registration of delegates for the Global Leadership & Peace Summit scheduled to hold in Milan, Italy, for May 21 – 22, 2022.

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