Milano School of Business offers Scholarships to African Students

An arrangement has been reached to admit one hundred students from Africa to the prestigious Milano School of Business in Milan, Italy.  This is part of a drive to expose aspiring business executives from the African continent to the best management education available in Europe. 

A partnership contract has been signed between Milano School of Business and their representatives in Africa, Euro Vision Ventures.  This partnership entails the promotion of the school across the content and the registration of students in various management programmes. 

Speaking on this, the Chief Executive Officer of Euro Vision Ventures, Dozie David Atueyi, says “For the past one year, we have recruited students from Africa for education in Europe.  Now, we have signed an exclusive deal to take students to one of the greatest cities in Europe on a fraction of their budget.”  The scholarships offered will cover as much as 75% of the tuition fees.

The school runs an academic calendar with the Fall Semester from October to January; the Spring Semester from February to May and a Summer School programme from June to September.  Admissions will commence in February for the Summer School. 

Milano School of Business is a privately owned institution established to provide education in business and management with courses wholly taught in English.  An international organization, it is focused on capacity development via best practices in the global marketplace. 

Set in the heart of Milan, Italy, the school maximizes the flair of the city in empowering its students for international business.  The programs cut across various fields of learning in equipping candidates for any industry: from Hospitality Management, Accounting, Management Consulting, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Real Estate, Sports Management, Fashion and even Law.

Working in partnership with a top business school in Europe, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, accredited by the UK’s Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC), are offered. 

Milan offers students a multitude of extracurricular activities to ensure they are equipped with the best possible skills and tools to efficiently face the challenges of their future professional and personal life.  A fundamental basis of all extracurricular activates offered is that humans do business and business is for humans.  Based on the mission at Milano School of Business, students have the opportunity to take part in Workshops and Industrial Visits that could lead to extra credits via optional modules.

Education in English; exposure in Italian is the motto of this institution located in the European capital city of food, fashion and finance.

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