Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurship (Application Fee)


Certificate in Leadership & Management


Program Overview

Entrepreneurs are innovators who offer a valuable resource to employers as they can develop new concepts and ways of working.  They also play an important role in society, with their ability to solve problems and offer meaningful solutions.


The Business and Entrepreneurship program develops the essential skills to become an innovative, responsible businessperson with entrepreneurial qualities and strengths.  Participants will learn how to manage their ideas and expand their capacity for creative thinking, as they develop a strong background in general business.


This program incorporates the skills and knowledge of business foundations, while building the capacity of students to be imaginative and resourceful entrepreneurs.  Major course topics include management, marketing, personal finance, accounting, small business finance, introduction to entrepreneurship and business plan development.


The course is open to undergraduates, graduates and professionals from various backgrounds.


Dates: July 21-30, 2022
Location: Milan, Italy
Application Fee: €200
Program Fee: €1,000
(Tuition, Visa, Accommodation)


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