Certificate in Creative Business (Program Fee)


Certificate in Creative Business


Program Overview

Increasing competition in the global business space makes continuous demand on creative acumen.  The ability to birth innovative ideas and to skilfully shift them from abstraction to profitable products or services will secure and expand the market-share of the enterprise at any level of competition.

The Certificate in Creative Business program is designed to equip participants with the capacity to function flexibly in any workplace and in any season as eclectic and efficient problem-solvers.  With special focus on key areas of commercial activity such as Media, Entertainment Management, Brand Development, International Marketing and Business Development, the range of sector-specific classes set participants up to contribute excellently and elastically in creative terms to business processes.

The underlining philosophy of this program highlights the solvability of all problems.  It provides a universal explanation of business as an all-season income generating operation of endless challenges packed with profit-making opportunities.  The program refines and expands the participants’ thinking to accommodate any change and every challenge as a project, not as problem.  In this wise, business success is made achievable and sustainable with the same team, irrespective of turbulence or tranquillity in the general market.


Dates: August 21-30, 2022
Location: New York City, USA
Application Fee: €200
Program Fee: €1,000
(Tuition, Visa, Accommodation)


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